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Regional Coordinators - Northern Region


Alaska DOT&PF
Northern Region
2301 Peger Road
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709

Cameron Pena


Do you want to Adopt-A-Highway?

Fill out the fields below so we can check that the roadway is available to adopt. Then we will contact you to get with more information on the next steps for joining the program.

What is your name?:

What is your contact information?

What is the name of your group?

What milepost and highway are you looking at adopting? A brief description is also helpful (left shoulder/right ramp). If you do not know the mileposts, please provide some landmarks or points of reference.

Want to report a clean-up?

Download the Activity Report, fill out and send to the coordinator.

Contact your coordinator if you:

  • Would like to sign up to adopt a highway
  • Need a program application
  • Would like to order signs
  • Need supplies for a cleanup
  • Have any questions regarding the
    Adopt-A-Highway program

Adopt-A-Highway Forms:


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