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Juneau - Egan Drive Resurfacing 10th Street to Main Street

picture of Egan Drive
Federal Project #NHS 093-2(47) / State Project #69393 & #69450

The purpose of the proposed project is to improve transportation safety on Egan Drive for motorized and non-motorized traffic and to prevent failure of the retaining wall on Egan Drive near Merchants Wharf.

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Current Project Information

On March 27, 2019, DOT&PF awarded a $14.3 million project to SECON to resurface Egan Drive from 10th Street to Main Street and enhance pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

The project will:

  • Resurface Egan Drive from 10th Street to Main Street
  • Improve and add pedestrian crossing opportunities by reducing the number and/or width of driving lanes
  • Widen sidewalks
  • Construct bike lanes
  • Repair sections of retaining wall under the Merchant’s Wharf building
  • Rehabilitate the Gold Creek Bridge (incl. asphalt, rails and signs)
  • Slip lining some existing culverts
  • Widen Egan Drive seaward with a reinforced soil slope approximately 1,300 linear feet between West Eighth Street and Whittier Street
  • Remove and replace storm drainage systems that drain into Gastineau Channel
  • Relocate electrical and telephone utility boxes impacted by the project
  • Replace luminaires and traffic signals including electrical conduits
  • Replace signs and install new way finding signs to direct pedestrian and bicycle traffic

Project Status and Schedule

  • Activities in summer 2019 focused on the stretch of Egan Drive between Willoughby and Whittier streets.
  • Road construction has resumed with the focus on finishing the section between 10th and Whittier streets, and repairing the retaining wall under the Merchant's Wharf building.
This page last updated: 4/13/20