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Juneau Egan Drive and Yandukin Intersection Improvement Project SFHWY-00079

Submit Comments - Requested by close of business day January 12, 2018

You may submit comments via the comment form below or you may download and complete the printable comment form and mail it to our listed contacts.


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Please answer the following questions regarding the Fred Meyer intersection of Egan Drive at Yandukin.

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*Why do you use the intersection? (commuter, local resident, freight operator, owner or employee of an area business, shopper at an area business, pedestrian/bicyclist, etc) (800 character max)

*Please describe the safety concerns you have regarding this intersection. (layout, lighting, pedestrian crossings, conflicts with other users, etc.)? (800 character max)

*Do you experience delay while traveling through the intersection? (how often, time of day, etc.) Does delay at this intersection impact your driving habits or routes you might choose? If so, please describe.? (800 character max)

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