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Previous Cargo Summits: 2010 

2011 Alaska International Air Cargo Summit

The Alaska International Air Cargo Summit is held annually in the fall.  The purpose of the annual event is to bring air carriers and cargo industry experts together to exchange ideas, educate each other and network to create mutually beneficial relationships. 

Representatives from 17 air carriers from North America and Asia, and cargo industry players gathered in Anchorage August 29 and 30, 2011 for the 2nd Alaska International Air Cargo Summit. The summit provided a detailed overview of unique opportunities for international air cargo transfer in Alaska and how these options may benefit the carriers.

Aviation experts addressed specifics of the special cargo transfer authorities available to international cargo carriers operating at Alaska’s international airports. Speakers included: Robert Finamore, Senior Transportation Industry Analyst with the Office of International Aviation, U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and Jeff Shane, a partner with the international law firm Hogan Lovells, who previously served as USDOT’s chief U.S. aviation negotiator and as an undersecretary for policy.

Attendees at 2011 Cargo Summit

Binder Contents:


Presentation: Alaska 2010 Export update
by Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell

Presentation: Cargo Transfer - Panel discussion w/John Parrott (ANC Airport Manager) moderating
Robert Finamore – USDOT Office of International Aviation
Jeff Shane – Hogan Lovealls
Kymberly Fernandez – US Customs and Border Protection
Tom Phillips – Keiser Phillips Associates
Jesse VanderZanden – FAI Airport Manager

Presentation: AIAS Ground Handling Services and Facilities
John Parrott & Jesse VanderZanden, speakers

Presentation: AIAS Introduction (Part 1), AIAS Introduction (Part2)
John Parrott AAE
Jesse VanderZanden CM

The 1st Annual Alaska International Air Cargo Summit was held in August, 2010. The primary purpose of the original Alaska International Air Cargo Summit was to familiarize cargo carriers with the liberalized Alaska air cargo transfer rights and educate them on the unique possibilities available through the Alaska International Airport System. At that time, it became clear that increased communication between AIAS, air carriers, freight forwarders, import/export agencies and other parties could create a platform with tremendous potential in all realms of aviation industry.

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Previous Cargo Summits: 2010