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Ports & Harbors

The Ports and Harbors Section is a statewide unit. Our function is to provide design, technical and administrative assistance for coastal and harbor projects to federal, state and local agencies and communities. We evaluate and prioritize statewide public harbor needs and seek legislative appropriations to address these needs.

The section’s services include:

Developing plans, specifications, and estimates for in-house designs

Reviewing consultant designs and consulting on harbor, and coastal airport and highway projects

Working on special projects such as water quality and circulation

Special evaluations for other agencies

Establishing design criteria for use by consultants, e.g. wind and wave analysis

Assisting construction personnel

Establish State of Alaska design procedures and policies for coastal and harbor projects

Acting as technical liaisons on harbor projects involving the US Army Corps of Engineers

Coordinating with state and government agencies on special issues, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and Nonpoint Source Pollution

Evaluating conditions of state owned harbor facilities

Negotiating and administering the transfer of state owned harbors to local communities in cooperation with the regional offices

Managing the Harbor Facility Grant Program