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Travelers will cruise along the stunning shores of Kachemak Bay, bounded to the south by precipitous snow-capped mountains and glaciers. Thick, verdant Sitka Spruce forests drape these mountains, growing right to the beach along the many miles of shoreline. Five distinct fjord-like bays cut into the south shore including Seldovia Bay, forming a network of hidden waterways with numerous trails that lead inland to undisturbed areas of wilderness. These undisturbed forested mountains epitomize both the stunning beauty of Alaska, and the wilderness mystique held dear by nearly every visitor to our great State.

Dramatic volcanoes dominate the route’s western viewscape rising from water’s edge to ten thousand feet in height. Area beaches offer unencumbered views of these giant volcanoes across seventy miles of open water, affording common sightings of steam plumes highlighted by the setting sun. Augustine Island, Mt. Iliamna and Mt. Redoubt have all three erupted at least once over the last two decades. This dramatic representation of the Pacific Ring of Fire is unrivaled.

The very waterways themselves along this route are breathtaking, from the surf crashing on the Homer Spit to the placid tidal flats of Seldovia Bay. Jagged cliffs and sculpted rock formations hold rookeries and nests, homes to sea mammals and birds, all of which will be passed-by at close range while cruising this new route. Wildlife photo opportunities are many; from the thousands of nesting birds on Gull Island to the many sea otters and sea lions that frequent the near shore waters of the route.

Visitors will also see how man has settled along the fringes of this scenic country. The small community of Seldovia sits in an idyllic location, with the bay out its front door and the Seldovia Slough out the back.

Seldovia Overview. Credit: Tom Glover

Byway Highlights

En route to Seldovia:
  • Get a close look at the regions shorebirds as you cruise by Gull Island on your way to Seldovia.
  • Look for whales, sea otters, seals and other sea life on your journey thru Kachemak Bay.
  • Get an up close look at the shoreline with towering cliffs, beaches and surrounding nature.
  • On a clear day make sure you look for Mt. Redoubt and Mt. Augustine, two of the volcanic mountains in the famous “Ring of Fire”.
Once at your destination of Seldovia:
  • Attend the Craft Invitational Chain Saw Carving Contest held on Memorial Day Weekend.
  • Take in one of several Science Education Lectures by Guest Scientists scheduled through the summer months.
  • Enjoy the sweet sound of the Summer Solstice Music Festival, Solstice Weekend.
  • Take a hike out Otterbahn Trail to outside beach for some of the best beachcombing in the area.
  • Rent a sea kayak and take a guided tour of the area by water.
  • Go sightseeing, there are a lifetime of adventures and photo opportunities.

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  • Women of One Soul Concert
  • Jason Farnham Paino Concert


  • Acoustic Guitar Master's Concert: Featuring Chris Proctor, Steve Kaufmann, & Naked Blue


  • Sweet Plantain String Quartet


Gull Island. Credit: Darlene Crawford

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Red Mountain. Credit: Amelia Dillon


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