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University Avenue Rehabilitation & Widening
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is this project needed?
A: University Avenue is a high-volume arterial and one of Fairbanks’ primary north-south corridors that provides access for businesses, schools and residential areas. It also provides direct access to most of Fairbanks’ major arterials, including Farmers Loop, College Road, Johansen Expressway, Airport Way and the Mitchell Expressway. Safety improvements are critical due to the high incidence of rear-end collisions in the corridor, and the Geist/Johansen intersection experiences the highest volume of crashes compared to any other intersection in Fairbanks. Traffic in 2035 is anticipated to be over 22,000 vehicles per day, and operational improvements are needed for all modes of traffic to maintain efficient mobility in the corridor.

Q: When will the project be constructed?
A: Construction began in 2018 and is expected to last through 2023. Find updates throughout the construction season at Alaska 511.

Q: What will the construction cost be?
A: The construction cost for this final phase is approximately $10 million.

Q: How will the new median and change in access affect my business?
A: Many studies have been performed involving the change in access and related impacts to business. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has very good information regarding the expected affects here:

A car drives over the old University Avenue Chena River bridge prior to reconstruction.
A bicyclist is traveling on the sidewalk. DOT&PF photo.