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Northern Region Facts and Figures

Northern Region maintains and operates approximately 3,400 centerline miles of roads.

  • 56% are paved
  • 44% are unpaved

The Northern Region Maintains 70% of Statewide National Highway System routes.

The region maintains:

  • 408 public buildings
  • 99 rural airports and one seaplane float pond
  • 376 bridges

The Northern Region covers a geographic area of approximately 370,000 square miles, or 237 million acres. Northern Region's area is is comparable to California, Nevada, and Arizona combined.

21% of the state's population resides in the Northern Region, which encompasses 65% of Alaska's land area.

Northern Region DOT&PF is responsible for 60% of State Maintained Highways.

Northern Region Maintenance & Operations is responsible for all routes that parallel the Alyeska Pipeline; from the North Slope oil fields to the terminal in Valdez.

There are 40 maintenance stations in the Northern Region.

Aside from highways, regional Maintenance & Operations maintain 1,548 lane miles of aviation surfaces.

Updated February 27, 2015