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Copper River Highway Transportation Master Plan
Project No. NFHWY00414/0851070

Map of Copper River Highway Transportation Master Plan Study Area.

Alaska DOT&PF is developing a transportation master plan (TMP) for the Copper River Highway (CRH).

The CRH spans 51 miles, from downtown Cordova and past the city’s only airport to the vast Copper River Delta. Prior to August 2011, the CRH provided access to recreational and subsistence resources from Cordova to Abercrombie Creek and the Million Dollar Bridge, passing through world class scenic wilderness. Changing river conditions have eroded portions of the CRH between miles 44 and 45 and forced its closure at bridge #339. Additionally, damage to one of the icebreakers protecting the Million Dollar Bridge threatens this historic structure, causing the need to develop this master plan and the vision for the future use of the CRH.

The purpose of the CRH TMP is to document existing conditions along the CRH (MP 0-51 – Planning Study Area), the Million Dollar Bridge, and recreational and resource monitoring sites within the study area; conduct stakeholder and public outreach to develop a vision statement for the CRH; and identify transportation needs and issues through 2047. The master plan is also intended to provide high level planning context for the Copper River Highway Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) , a study focused on developing potential alternatives to address damaged infrastructure between MP 27 and 51.

Planning elements included in the CRH TMP are listed below:

  • Gather and incorporate related information from previous and existing planning efforts
  • Document existing conditions within the study area
  • Conduct public outreach, including the development of a stakeholder advisory committee
  • Develop vision and goals for the future use and needs of the CRH
  • Document transportation needs along the CRH
  • Develop alternatives for future use of the CRH
  • Evaluate, prioritize, and recommend transportation projects/alternatives based on public input and the needs analysis
  • Identify various funding sources and leveraging opportunities to that will assist the DOT&PF and community of Cordova with securing funding and developing the projects identified and recommended as part of the CRH TMP.

The Copper River Highway Planning and Environmental Linkage (PEL) Study is undergoing final edits.

The CRH TMP is being developed in cooperation with the Alaska Division of the Federal Highway Administration and the Native Village of Eyak.