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Rabinowitz Courthouse

Rabinowitz Courthouse

Requesting Maintenance:

Call the Work Order Dispatch and explain your request.  Please call: 907-451-2225

Enter Request Online

Enter short description of Request.
Identify the location for the Request.
Enter your email address for Request update information.

There are a variety of reasons you may need to request maintenance.  Here are some examples of common maintenance requests:

*Lightbulb is flickering (burned out, etc.)
*Power seems to have a blown fuse
*Door hardware is not working properly

Please send any suggestions or comments to our email address or call the work order dispatch phone number above.  We are happy to hear from you!

In the Event of an Emergency or Urgent Response Situation where no response at 451-2225:

Daytime & After-hours: 907-322-1217
If No Response:
      After-hours Emergencies: 907-496-1675
      This is a digital pager. Please input your phone number and wait for a call back.

Contract Information:

Janitorial Contract

All complaints will be handled by Deficiency Claim Forms.  Prepare one and send to: or by FAX 907-451-5263.

Obtain a Janitorial Deficiency Form

A copy will be sent to the Courthouse Building Manager
And a copy will be sent directly to the contractor

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