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Fairbanks Regional Office Building

Fairbanks Regional Office Building

Points of Contact:

Contact Function Details
(907) 451-2225 To call in a Work Request If no one is available at that time, please leave a voice mail message and someone will return your call as soon as possible
Online Request work Online Enter description of request, location and email address.
(907) 451-2204 Alternative phone number to call in a Work Request  
(907) 451-5263 Fax number to fax Work Requests Print out the Work Request form, fill in information, and fax to this number
(907) 496-1675  After-hours Emergencies This is a digital pager.  Input your phone number and wait for a call back Maintenance Email Address Submit work requests, comments or general correspondence regarding building maintenance

Our system of handling maintenance requests has so far resulted in greater efficiency and quicker service.  Please send any suggestions or comments to our email address or call the phone number above.  We are happy to hear from you!

Parking Garage Information:

Below are links to two MS Word documents regarding the Regional Office Building Parking Garage Policy. These rules are to ensure the safety of co-workers and other State employees.

  Garage Rules of Conduct
  Three Strikes


Janitorial Contract

On File in the Building Managers Office

Snow Removal Contract

On File in the Building Managers Office

Safety Procedure Information:

To Summon a Security Guard

  1. Call 9-388-1065
  2. State your name and location
  3. Inform Security Guard of the situation

To request a file email the FROB manager.

Special request or comment?