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ITS Implementation Plans

ADOT&PF has developed two ITS Implementation Plans for key corridors near the Anchorage area: Glenn Highway (Milepost 0 – MatSu Valley) and the Seward Highway (Milepost 0 – Milepost 90). Due to the growing interest in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) along these corridors, the ADOT&PF has decided to develop plans so that ITS implementation can be better planned and occur in a more controlled, integrated, and cost effective manner. Such an approach maximizes the potential benefit of ITS investments and ensures that they can be integrated with additional ITS elements as they are deployed in the future.

ITS Implementation Plans were developed concurrently with the update to the Alaska's Iways Architecture (AKIA).

ITS Implementation Plans are reflective of stakeholder input and on-going local, regional and statewide ITS activity. The ITS Implementation Plans provide the following:

  • Identifies how ITS can improve or enhance operations and user sentiment along the corridor.
  • Fosters inter-agency cooperation and consensus of ITS activities within the State of Alaska and, specifically, the Glenn or Seward Highway.
  • Recommends high-level ITS project initiatives that can be implemented over the next 10 years or as funding becomes available to meet the regional transportation goals and desires.
  • Avoids implementing ITS in a disconnected, isolated manner.


Downloads: (November 2008)


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