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DOT&PF Vision



Keep Alaska Moving

Moving beyond Alaska’s challenges while meeting Alaskans’ distinct transportation needs through trust, teamwork, and results.

Advanced Vision Framework for Transportation in Alaska:

Click for Vision Framework PDF MODERN: We use new ways of
working to recruit, solve problems,
share information with the public,
and efficiently deliver transportation
improvements. RESILIENT: We build cross-functional teams, across regional boundaries, to deliver results faster. Our teams share information, collaborate, innovate to solve problems, respond to emergencies, and deliver projects. AGILE: We partner with communities, private sector partners and other agencies to build transportation infrastructure for Alaskans. We leverage technology and implement alternative project delivery to accomplish our mission. STATE OF GOOD REPAIR: Reliable
transportation system with seamless
access across modes. SAFETY: Safe and secure transportation system prevents crashes, injuries and deaths. ECONOMIC VITALITY: Healthy and thriving multi-modal system that efficiently moves people, fuel, and freight, reducing costs and enhancing economic development RESILIENCY: Agile and resilient
transportation system that protects
communities from extreme weather
climate trends and natural disasters,
which is able to adapt and recover when disruptions occur. SUSTAINABILITY: Modern and sustainable transportation system that reduces the cost of energy, saves Alaskans money, and provides for a cleaner environment and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. DOT&PF logo Alaska's Transportation Network Organizational Excellence Strategic Investment Areas Geography and Modes RURAL MODES: Roads, Ice Roads, Winter Trails, Pedestrian and Bicycle, Rural Airports, AAM, AMHS, Barge Services URBAN Modes: Highways, International Airports, Pedestrian and Bicycle, Trails SURFACE CORRIDORS: Highways, Pedestrian and Bicycle, Trails, Multi-modal Connectivity WATERWAYS Modes: AMHS, Barge Services, Floatplane Docks, Ports and Harbors


  • DOT&PF serves every Alaskan, every day

  • DOT&PF provides a safe and efficient transportation system for Alaska to thrive

  • DOT&PF provides Alaskans with access to goods, services, economic opportunities, each other and the world

Core Values

  • Integrity: Doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Doing what you say you are going to do

  • Excellence: Commitment to continually improve

  • Respect: Positive regard for customers, stakeholders, investors and colleagues

  • Safety: Commitment to safeguarding transportation systems and users while promoting a safety culture in the workplace.