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Updated 8/23/2021

Human Services

map of agenciesCurrent & Prior Human Services Grantee Locations.

Purpose of Human Services Grants

  • Ensure that elderly persons and persons with disabilities gain access and mobility similar to the general population from the use of transit facilities and services.
  • Make special efforts in the planning and design of transportation facilities and services to assure elderly persons and persons with disabilities have the availability of transportation which they can effectively use.
  • Continue to meet the special needs of elderly persons and persons with disabilities for whom public transportation services are unavailable, insufficient or inappropriate.
  • Use incentives to encourage the coordination within communities of existing public transportation services and human service transportation.
  • Provide transportation programs for special populations in small and geographically-isolated communities of Alaska where limited resources offer little opportunity for coordination benefits.

Human Services SFY2023 Grant Timeline

August 2, 2021 Intent to Apply opens
September 7, 2021 Intent to Apply due by 4:30 pm
September 15, 2021 Notifications of Intent to Apply Eligibility Sent (5310 only)
October 4, 2021 Application open
December 20, 2021 Applications due by noon

* Please note these dates are subject to change.


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