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Alaska State General Funds Match - Projects

The Alaska State General Funds are used to encourage local government support for public transportation by matching local funds, and to provide needed match support for effective statewide participation in federal transit discretionary grant program opportunities such as state of good repair, support transit services, energy reduction and livability. Absent congressional earmarks, these programs provide critical capital funds to purchase new and replacement vehicle needs for Alaska's transit systems.

For many subrecipients, these matching funds are the determining factor as to how many federal dollars can be awarded to them. Without these funds, rides will be reduced, resulting in the loss of access to crucial destinations, such as jobs, medical appointments and shopping and a decline in the quality of life of riders and reduced economy to the community. The loss of a replacement vehicle may result in the loss of one or more routes, or even the elimination of an entire transit system.

A scoring system has been devised to fairly allocate these funds among all applicants. Public comment will be solicited prior to a final decision.

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