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Plan Implementation

SHSP Emphasis and Focus Areas

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Safe System Categories

Each SHSP Focus Area has a dedicated team of safety partners and experts who will implement the SHSP. The Focus Area Teams developed action plans that include strategies to improve traffic safety and eliminate deaths and serious injuries on our roadways through engineering, education, enforcement, and emergency response.

Through 2027, Alaska's safety partners will implement the SHSP strategies and actions. The SHSP Focus Area Teams and Steering Committee will meet regularly to report on implementation progress, address challenges, and review crash trends. These groups will evaluate what works and should continue versus what is not working and should be modified or discontinued.

You can see the latest strategies, action steps, and implementation progress for all Focus Areas by viewing the SHSP Action Implementation Dashboard. The dashboard will be updated several times per year. Click on the righthand link to go to the dashboard.

Across Focus Areas, team members will:

  • CONDUCT media campaigns, education, and outreach about how to drive and ride safely.

  • IMPLEMENT proven engineering and roadway design countermeasures.

  • CONDUCT high visibility enforcement.

  • PROVIDE training for law enforcement and first responders.

  • COLLECT, ANALYZE, and USE data to identify and better understand traffic safety issues and possible solutions.

  • DEVELOP model legislative language and fact sheets for select topics.

For more details, see the full Focus Area Action Plans in SHSP Appendix B or view the SHSP Action Implementation Dashboard.

Additionally, the Alaska Highway Safety Office leads the Impaired Driving Task Force, Occupant Protection Task Force, and Alaska Traffic Records Coordinating Committee. Each of these groups also will implement strategies to improve traffic safety on Alaska's roadways.