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Emphasis Areas

Transportation safety stakeholders from around the state spent considerable time discussing the emphasis areas and reviewing data. The charts below show percentages of all crashes for 2015-2016, and number of fatalities and serious injuries in 2015 versus 2016. Intersections, lane departures, unrestrained occupants, young drivers, speeding and older drivers all saw increases. Impaired driving experience a slight decrease. Based on a review of this data and other detailed charts, and what is currently happening in Alaska, the group selected the three major emphasis areas and 11 sub-emphasis areas:

  • Driver Behavior – Impaired Driving, Young Drivers, Older Drivers, Occupant Protection
  • Roadways – Lane Departures, Intersections, Animal-Vehicle Collisions
  • Special Users – Crashes involving pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists and off-highway vehicles


percentage crashes 2015-2016
fatalities and serious injuries 2015-2016