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Richardson Highway MP 35-65 Resurfacing (Construction MP 35-40) Project No. NFHWY00133/0711074

Alaska DOT&PF staff gathering geotechnical data near MP 40.

We are working to repave the Richardson Highway from MP 35 to 40. This project is being constructed under the larger Richardson Highway MP 35-65 Resurfacing project that has been split into three construction projects (MP 35-40, MP 40-51, and MP 51-65) due to funding availability. Construction of the MP 51-65 project was completed in 2020 and construction of the MP 40-51 project is scheduled to start in 2022 and to be completed in 2023.

The purpose of this project is to improve the condition of the driving surface while reducing maintenance costs. This will be accomplished by grinding the existing pavement and spreading it into a uniform layer to remove the bumps and dips, and then overlaying it with 2” of new asphalt. The existing asphalt for most of the project is over 30 years old and has been patched/repaired in many areas.

  • Rehabilitation of four retaining walls, which support the roadway structure, between MP 38-40
  • Replacement of existing guardrail
  • Replacement of roadway signs
  • Minor bridge work
  • 30+ upsized/replaced culvert installations and cleaning the remaining existing culverts to improve drainage and fish passage/habitat
  • New pavement markings and rumble strips

Our project staff is currently working on the final design and bid package. Construction on this project is scheduled for 2023.

This project is being developed and constructed in cooperation with the Alaska Division of the Federal Highway Administration.