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Dalton Highway MP 289-305 Rehabilitation

Project No. 0656005/Z609130000

Caption: Dalton Highway Photo taken by R&M staff July 2022

We are working to rehabilitate and widen the Dalton Highway between Mileposts 289 and 305. Project work will include minor realignments, grade raises, turnouts, roadside hardware and drainage improvements


The Dalton Highway, located on the North Slope of Alaska, was constructed in 1974 as a supply support road for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline construction. It is the only road that connects Deadhorse to Interior Alaska. It was opened to the public in 1994. Except for the replacement of large-diameter multi-plate culverts and associated grade raises at the three major drainage crossings (Toolik River, Imnaviat Creek, and Oksrukuyik Creek) and sign upgrades, this stretch of highway has not been upgraded since it was originally constructed.

Degradation of the underlying permafrost has caused settlement of the existing road embankment. Long stretches of the road are barely above the adjacent terrain, contributing to severe drifting that has helped earn this section of the Dalton Highway the nickname ''No Man's Land."

Caption: Dalton Highway Photo taken by R&M staff September 2022.


This project is located 108 miles south of Deadhorse and extends from the Kuparuk River Bridge (MP289) west to the DOT&PF Sag River maintenance camp road (MP 305).

The primary goal of this project is to improve safety and reduce maintenance costs for MP 289-305 of the Dalton Highway by raising the road grade to reduce snow drifting, upgrading the roadway to a consistent width, and improving drainage.

Work on this project includes:

  • Grade raise to elevate the road surface above the surrounding terrain and reduce snow drifting
  • Smoothed road profile in settled areas.  
  • Uniformly widened road surface to 32 feet
  • Drainage improvements including replacement of failing culverts and filling of ponding areas at the road toes
  • Alignment modifications to accommodate grade raise and avoid utility conflicts with the Alyeska gas line

Caption: Dalton Highway Photo taken by R&M staff September 2022.

Construction on this project will resume in May 2024. Work is scheduled to be complete in fall 2024. This project is being constructed in cooperation with the Alaska Division of the Federal Highway Administration and Cruz Construction, Inc.

For current road construction information throughout the season please check Alaska Dalton Traffic | Alaska 511.