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Chena Ridge and Chena Pump Resurfacing
Project No. NFHWY00570/0645015

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Chena Ridge and Chena Pump project area.

We are working to make Chena Ridge Road and Chena Pump Road better and safer!

The purpose of this project is to improve Chena Ridge and Chena Pump roads with new guardrails, repairs to damaged pavement, and to add a pavement-preserving chip-seal surface to make the driving experience better and safer.

Currently, the road surface has a lot of cracks and the guardrails are damaged and outdated.  There are also a few places where the pavement has given all it can and needs to be replaced.  With the chip-seal surface renewal, we expect to add at least 15 years to the useful life of the roadway.

Distressed pavement on Chena Pump.

Damaged guardrails.

Work on this project includes:

  • Repairing cracks in pavement
  • Replacing severely distressed pavement
  • Replacing the guard rails
  • Repairs to the bridge over Cripple Creek
  • Embankment stabilization
  • Resurfacing the entire length of Chena Ridge Road and Chena Pump Road

Our project staff is currently working on environmental permits and surveying.  Construction on this project is expected to begin in summer of 2023.