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HSIP: Badger Road Two Way Left Turn Lane
Project No. 0602009/NFHWY00096

Do you have a gritty residue stuck to your vehicle after driving through the Badger Road construction project?

A program has been established through Northern Adjusters to reimburse you for costs associated with getting your vehicles cleaned. Your next step, whether or not you have already cleaned your vehicle, is to contact Northern Adjusters for more information about this program and how to get started:

We are truly sorry about the time and energy you have spent having this substance removed from your vehicle. Thank you for your patience with this process. Drive safe and enjoy the rest of your fall.

-The DOT&PF Badger Road Team

Project AreaProject Area PDF file 1mb

The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF), in cooperation with HC Contractors, Inc., is working to upgrade Badger Road between Dennis Road and Hurst Road to accommodate a two-way left-turn lane. Work will include road widening, signing and striping, and draining and lighting. This project will also include curve improvements at the Holmes/Peede intersection.

Construction Details:

Construction on this project began in mid-May 2019. During the first phase, construction contractor HC Contractors will widen the road on the north side of Badger Road (opposite the bike path), repair and rehabilitate the ditch on the south side, relocate street lights, and replace culverts. This work will impact access to driveways and side streets on the north side of the road. During this phase, mainline Badger traffic will see lane shifts, a reduced speed limit, and intermittent flagging operations.

After this work is complete, the contractor will start the second phase of work on the mainline of Badger Road. This will include grinding up the old asphalt, repaving the surface, and installing the two-way left-turn lane. The work will be completed in three three-mile sections, starting between Old Badger Road and Star Court, then Star Court to Hurst Road, and finally Dennis Road to Old Badger Road. During this second phase, pilot cars will guide traffic through the construction zone. Pilot car operations will begin at 8:30 a.m. and will continue until 11 p.m.

For updated traffic information throughout the construction season, visit

A flagger holds traffic for a culvert crew with HC Contractors.

Purpose & Need:

The Department of Transportation identified Badger Road as having a higher than average crash rate.  A Road Safety Audit (RSA) was then commissioned to assess the cause of these crashes and recommend solutions. The RSA was conducted by public safety officials, traffic enforcement and traffic engineering personnel. The RSA team observed that Badger Road has an average of 22 driveways or minor side streets per mile which is likely a contributing factor to the high crash rate.  Construction of a continuous TWLTL can reduce the severity and frequency of crashes on Badger Road.

TWLTL’s provide the following benefits:

    • Reduce crashes by approximately one-third as compared to undivided roads.
    • Decrease severity of crashes.
    • Increase roadway capacity as compared to undivided roadway.
    • Maintain similar access to residences and businesses.
    • Additional information on the benefits of TWLTL’s can be found here.

The RSA team also noted several traction related concerns with the Holmes and Peede intersection. Historic crash data also shows this intersection has the highest crash frequency on Badger Road within the project limits and therefore this curve will be improved with the project.