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Parks Highway MP 99-163 Drainage & Culvert Improvements

State/Federal Project No: CFWY00592/0A41042

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Project Fact Sheet (January 2023)

Project Overview

Map of project area

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), is developing a project to improve culverts and drainage infrastructure within the Parks Highway corridor between Milepost 99-163. Throughout the project corridor, various culverts and drainage infrastructure are exhibiting signs of deterioration including pipe corrosion, drainage channel blockage, inlet and outlet scouring, and other deficiencies. Approximately 300 culverts in the project corridor have been evaluated; many were installed more than 50 years ago when the Parks Highway was initially constructed. The Department is focusing on improving the culverts in the most critical condition first.

Project Phasing

The project is being developed in phases for design and construction. The project team is currently in the process of designing Phases 1 and 2. Remaining Phases will be developed at a later date.

Phase 1: Replace and/or upgrade 10 culverts that are among the most critical condition and pose the most risk to the highway if they fail. The culverts addressed in Phase 1 are shown in red on the adjacent figure. Design is currently underway and is expected to be completed in summer/fall 2023.

Phase 2: Replace the existing 144-inch culvert at Railroad Creek with a bridge; it is shown in yellow on the adjacent figure. Design is currently underway and is expected to be completed in early 2024.

The remaining 12 culverts identified on the figure are in poor condition and are anticipated to be addressed in the next phase of the project.

  • Drainage improvements
  • Culvert maintenance, replacement, and new installations
  • Ditch grading
  • Digouts and associated resurfacing
  • Guardrail
  • Signage
  • Utility relocations
  • Clearing and grubbing

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