2045 AMHS Long-Range Plan

About the plan

AMHS is a lifeline service, an essential part of life for people and communities across Alaska, Canada, and the 'Lower 48'. We are working toward a more efficient, resilient, and connective service that can better serve the state's residents and visitors. As we envision the future of AMHS in 20 years, we are thinking about the sustained and growing needs of our users, as well as future infrastructural opportunities and challenges.

The AMHS Long-Range Plan sets out to guide the operation and management of AMHS fleet and terminal infrastructure for the next 20 years. The Plan does the following:

    • Review existing planning initiatives and inputs.
    • Highlight existing and future opportunities for engagement.
    • Identify future service scenarios for AMHS served communities.
    • Identify the supporting workforce and infrastructure needs to implement scenarios.
    • Outline a capital replacement plan for our fleet and shoreside facilities.
    • Offer recommendations for future resiliency and sustainability efforts.
The Planning Process

The Plan will be developed and rolled out in the following phases:

Phase 1 1 of this effort began in the Spring of 2023 and concluded in August of 2023. This first Interim Plan provides recommendations for a three-year Capital and Operational Budget through Fiscal Year 2026. Preview the Phase 1 Draft Here.

Phase 2 will take place through 2024, which will forecast out 20 years, with operational, budget, sustainability, and resiliency recommendations through 2045.

Get Involved!

There are plenty of opportunities for public involvement through each phase of this process - in fact we couldn't do it without you! Whether you're interested in attending public meetings, sharing your input online, or just want to stay up do date on our website, your participation and interest is greatly valued.

Some ways to get involved:

    • NEW! Watch the YouTube video of the February 8th, 2024 SE Conference Transportation Symposium. (the LRP Presentation starts at 1:17.00)

    • Watch the Facebook video of the Public Open House on October 24th.

    • Check out the results from our 2023 Public Survey! click here

    • Share a public comment click here

    • Sign up to receive project updates by signing up for GovDelivery here

    • Attend a Public Meeting (AMHOB) at AMHOB

    • Talk with your local City Clerk

    • Explore our GIS StoryMap! This has been created as a tool to inform Level of Service needs for Alaskan Communities - your feedback and validation of existing data is a vital part of making this tool as useful as it can be!