Service Notices

Information is listed by date of posting as represented by the calendar icon. The effective date of each item will be noted in the heading or the content.


Update: 2023 Summer Schedule Considerations Available for Review

The period for public comment for the AMHS Summer Schedule has been extended until February 10. See the scheduling packet for more details. View the Press Release here. Public meeting comments from January 27 here: Southeast comments and Southwest comments. Click here to submit a public comment. After public comment period ends, booking availability for summer is tentatively planned for the end of February.


Notification: M/V Lituya sailings through 3-31 canceled due to mechanical issues

The Lituya sailings to Annette Bay are canceled through 3-31 due to ongoing mechanical issues and repairs. Passengers may contact Inter-island Ferry to book alternate arrangements by visiting or by calling 866-308-4848.


Schedule Change: M/V Columbia sailings updated on 4-26

In order to accommodate an active security drill at the terminal, the MV Columbia will be arriving 2 hours later in Ketchikan on 4-26. Please see the following schedule change for further information.


Schedule Change: M/V Aurora sailings updated on 2-9 and 2-15

In order to accommodate Cordova basketball teams, the MV Aurora sailings on 2-9 and 2-15 have been revised. Please see the following links for further information 2-9 schedule, 2-15 schedule.


Schedule Change: M/V Columbia sailings modified on 3-5 and 3-6

To accommodate 40 Skagway ball players and fans returning from Regional Basketball, the MV Columbia will have delayed departures on 3-5 and 3-6. Please see the attached schedule change for further information.


Notification: M/V LeConte sailings modified from 3-3 through 3-27

To accommodate additional port stops and March Madness, the MV LeConte has updated the following schedules in March. March 3, March 17, March 25, and March 27. Please go to the schedules page to view complete sailing information.