Content Production Proposals

For news media inquiries, please contact Sam Dapcevich, AMHS Public Information Officer
Office: 907-465-4503 or Cell: 907-500-2100


Alaska Marine Highway System recognizes the desire for film, photographic and social media content producers to gather content either while traveling on or interacting with our state ferry system. Due to the volume of inquiries requesting assets including time, talent and access, we have implemented a 3 step approach to processing these requests.

1. Complete this form, in which we are informally asking for basic information about your interest in gathering with AMHS. Upon review of this submission, the AMHS Marketing department and Management team will make an evaluation on whether the project might be mutually beneficial, and warrants further discussion. You will be notified of this decision of this decision via email within approximately 2 weeks.

2. If selected for further review, the below topics, will need to be developed further in a proposal to AMHS in order that we might thoroughly review the project. A proposal request will be emailed to you with instructions.

3. Upon review of the proposal and further discussion as needed, AMHS may provide a limited License Regarding Photography, Video, or Sound Recordings to the approved Applicant.

Thank you for taking the time to share your project with us!

Please note:
- Incomplete responses will not be considered for further review.
- This is the only avenue you should use to request production-based media access to AMHS vessels and employees.

Personal Information
Please include names, company, address, telephone, and email.

Project Proposal Narrative
Tell us about your project, and if you are working with any other publishing or broadcast companies.

Credentials Qualifications and Certifications
Please tell us how you are qualified for the project.

Evidence of Prior Work
In order for projects to be considered, applicants must meet these minimum prior experience requirements, and must have a minimum of five years of experience in the technical aspects of their proposed craft. Please include website, portfolio links and any social media accounts we may reference.

Scope of Work
Please provide an outline of script concepts for discussion and further development. What people (yours and ours) will be involved in your project and what equipment will be used?

Project Timeline
How long will you need access to AMHS assets, and how long will you be in production/postproduction? Timeframe for final deliverable?

Methodology & Management Plan
How do you plan to achieve your goals and manage your project successfully?

Requests of AMHS
What are you asking for from AMHS? (Time, access, travel etc)

Project Benefits
How is this project mutually beneficial? What kind of exposure can AMHS expect, how will these metrics be measured and reported?

Certification & Insurance
Explain what certifications and insurance policies you hold to be able to complete this project successfully. Note: Certificates of Insurance must be furnished to the marketing Department prior to beginning work and must provide for a notice of cancellation, non-renewal, or material change of conditions in accordance with policy provisions.

Final Deliverables & AMHS Access
Explain what happens when the project is complete and what assets AMHS can expect to have access and authorized permission to use.

Additional Comments