Our Route

The ferries of the Alaska Marine Highway make up a large part of Alaska's highway system, covering 3,500 miles of coastline providing service to over 30 communities that stretch from Bellingham, WA to Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Chain. Our ferries are diverse and range from mainline ferries that sail thousands of miles and make multiple stops, to shuttle ferries that provide daily links between neighboring communities. This allows riders the flexibility to access communities of choice by utilizing one or more vessel to reach their final destination through our regional hubs in Ketchikan, Juneau, Whittier or Homer.

Southeast Alaska

AMHS Southeast Alaska Service Area

Mainline Routes

Bellingham → Ketchikan → Wrangell → Petersburg → Juneau
↪ Haines → Skagway → Sitka

Prince Rupert → Ketchikan → Wrangell → Petersburg → Kake
↪ Sitka → Juneau → Haines → Skagway

Day Boat Routes

Juneau → Angoon
Juneau → Gustavus → Hoonah
Juneau → Haines
Juneau → Skagway

Shuttle Routes

Ketchikan → Metlakatla

Across the Gulf of Alaska

AMHS South Central Alaska Service Area

Mainline Routes

Bellingham → Ketchikan → Juneau → Yakutat → Whittier
↪ Chenega Bay → Kodiak → Homer

South Central & Southwest

AMHS Southwest Alaska Service Area

Mainline Routes

Homer → Kodiak → Chignik → Sand Point → King Cove
↪ Cold Bay → False Pass → Akutan → Dutch Harbor

Homer → Seldovia

Homer → Kodiak

Day Boat Routes

Valdez → Whittier

Cordova → Whittier