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Whitshed Road & Pedestrian Improvements
Project No. NFHWY00129/0837(004)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When will the project be constructed?
A:  The project’s current schedule anticipates construction in 2024, but is contingent on obtaining all required project certifications and permits.

Q:  What will be the project cost and where will the money come from?
A:  The construction cost estimate for this Federally funded project ranges between $8 – 9 million.  As the design progresses, the estimate will be refined.

Q:  The road is very narrow and is the only access to where I live.  How will you keep the road open during construction?
A:  Keeping the road open at all times during construction is a priority.  As the design progresses, we will look very closely at construction sequencing and traffic control to ensure we can keep the road open and safe for those who need to use it. 

A segment of Whitshed Road.
DOT&PF file photo