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Knik-Goose Bay Road Safety Page

Improving safety on KGB Road is an ongoing and long term goal of DOT&PF.

Knik-Goose Bay (KGB) Road was designated by the State of Alaska as a Traffic Safety Corridor in 2009 due to fatalities and major accidents occurring on the road. KGB Road has a fatal accident rate that is nearly four times the national average. Designation allowed a multiple agency approach to reduce these crashes, bringing enforcement, engineering, emergency services and education to improve the safety of the highway.

Since the roadway designation as a Highway Safety Corridor in 2009, the department has invested about $9 million in safety features, including signing, striping, and signals. These features have achieved reductions in crashes. However, because KGB Road is one of the busiest in the state, significant upgrades are needed. DOT&PF is developing two major reconstruction projects to address safety & congestion. Please click on the links below for more project specific information.




Website landing page for both projects:
DOT&PF Project Manager: Aaron Hunting, P.E. | 907-269-0546
DOWL Public Involvement: Jovie Garcia | 907-562-2000
Email: or


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