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Old Glenn Highway, Outer Springer Loop, and Inner Springer Loop Pavement Preservation

State/Federal Project No: CFHWY00887/0001748
Project Scope

overhead map view of the area that will be under constructionThe State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) is proposing to resurface a section of the Old Glenn Highway from Clark-Wolverine Road to the Glenn Highway, Outer Springer Loop west of Inner Springer Loop, and Inner Springer Loop.

Proposed work will include:

  • Resurfacing the roadways
  • Replacement or installation of:
    • Medians, curb ramps, sidewalks, shared-use pathways, and pedestrian facilities (including ADA improvements)
    • Guardrail and guardrail end treatments
    • Signs, roadside hardware, and striping
  • Improvements to signals and lighting
  • Relocating or adjusting utilities
  • Improvements to drainage facilities, including ditches, storm drains, and culverts
  • Vegetation clearing, grubbing, and landscaping
  • Bridge repairs
What's Happening Now

Environmental analysis has begun and is expected to continue into 2024.

Project Purpose and Need

The purpose of the proposed project is to improve safety, extend the service life and reduce maintenance costs of the affected roadways.


Preliminary Design - Spring 2024
Final Design - Winter 2025 through Spring 2026
Construction - Summer 2026

Contact and Comment

If you have a question or comment for the project team, contact us using the information below.

DOT&PF - Highway Design
Kristina Busch, P.E.
Project Manager
Phone: (907) 269-0567


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