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Glenn Highway MP 66.5 to 92 Pavement Preservation

State/Federal Project No: CFHWY00394/0A15039
Purpose and Need

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) is planning to construct road and drainage improvements along the Glenn Highway between MP 66.5 (near King's River) and MP 92 (Near Cascade) as part of the DOT&PF's Preventive Maintenance program. The existing pavement shows signs of deterioration and structural failure. Insufficient drainage ditches and missing, damaged, and/or failing culverts contribute to roadside erosion and structural damage. Guardrails and guardrail end treatments need replaced. Improvements will address short-term immediate needs to extend the useful life and maintain the functional condition of DOT&PF roadways, thereby substantially reducing maintenance efforts and costs.

map view of the affected roadways
Project Scope

This project will resurface the highway, reestablish ditches and improve drainage, repair damaged structural sections, repair and replace culverts, install guardrail and guardrail end treatments, and signing and striping. Key goals are to maintain safety and preserve the level of service and function of the existing Glenn Hwy until the Glenn Highway Rehabilitation project can be constructed.

Proposed Work:
  • Includes erosion protection where the highway is immediately adjacent to the Matanuska River. Install rip-rap protection along the road embankment at MP 71 and MP 76.
  • Includes rockfall mitigation where rocks and loose material fall from eroding slopes onto the highway. Locations include MP 68, 71, 75, 77, 86, and 87.
  • Includes structural section "dig-out" repairs at segments near: MP 76, 78.5, 80, 84.5, 85.5 - 87.5, and 89.

Preliminary Engineering, Survey and Field Activities - In Progress
Final Design - Spring-Summer 2024
Phase 1 Construction - Summer 2025
Phase 2 Construction - Summer 2026
Phase 3 Construction - Summer 2027

Contact and Comment

If you have any questions or comments for the project team, contact us using the information below.

DOT&PF - Highway Design
Kristina Busch, P.E.
Project Manager
Phone: (907) 269-0567
Kinney Engineering
Joann Mitchell, P.E.
Consultant Project Manager
Phone: 907-344-7590


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