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Alaska Marine Highway Reshaping Work Group

The Work Group considered analysis and data in the Alaska Marine Highway System Economic Reshaping Report (January 15, 2020), current and past service levels, travel demand, cost of service, regional economic importance, labor contracts, current and potential service providers, and other available information. The Work Group defined the future needs and purpose of the AMHS, with the goal to ensure residents have access to essential transportation services among Alaskan coastal communities.

Report (October 2, 2020):


The Work Group consisted of nine members who are appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, the Governor. The Work Group is comprised of the following:

  • Public: Tom Barrett (Chair)
  • Public: John Torgerson
  • Public: Wanetta Ayers
  • Aviation: Lee Ryan
  • MTAB: Robert Venables
  • Roads & Highways: Tony Johansen
  • Labor: Ben Goldrich
  • Senator Bert Stedman
  • Representative Louise Stutes
Contact for the work group:

Tera Ollila – Administrative Assistant
P.O. Box 112500 (mailing)
3132 Channel Drive, Suite 300
Juneau, AK 99811-2500
Phone: (907) 465-3905