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ANC is a proud member of the Anchorage community, where we employ more than 22,000 people - 1 in 10 jobs in the municipality. ANC is a physical location for more than 216 businesses in the retail, food service, transportation, shipping, and rental vehicle sectors. In addition, ANC purchases goods and services from a wide array of local businesses, further enlarging the airport's economic benefits to our community.

We take great care to conduct operations in a way that mitigates our impact, from routing aircraft landings and take-offs to reduce noise over residential areas, limiting commercial traffic on area streets, and prioritizing the safety of people and our environment. In addition, the ANC Police & Fire Department frequently respond to situations outside the airport area to assist the municipality's emergency services.

ANC conducts frequent community outreach and includes elected leaders and Anchorage residents in our ongoing operational planning and planning for the future of the state's largest airport. We actively seek local residents for career openings.

ANC is a vital link between our community and the rest of the nation and world. As such, we prioritize the airport's reliable functionality in all seasons and weather conditions. ANC has never closed due to snow and is a five-time winner of the Balchen Post Award for Large Airport Snow Removal Programs, awarded to airports able to keep runways open under adverse snow conditions. In addition, we have instituted robust protocols for keeping the airport operational during natural and man-made disasters and other unforeseen events in order to protect Anchorage's connection to the rest of Alaska and the outside world.

Overall, ANC is a responsible and positive member of the Anchorage community and has a positive affect in one way or another on virtually every part of the state. As one of Alaska's largest employers and the nation's third-busiest cargo airport, ANC is an important economic driver, the port of entry for much of the goods that go to statewide stores and homes or onward to other parts of America and Canada, the homecoming site for many returning Alaskans, the first part of Alaska's nearly 1 million visitors and military members experience each year, and one of our community's critical facilities.

We are growing, we are constantly improving, and we hope to contribute even more to our community in coming decades.