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Building Maintenance, Custodial & Utilities

Larry Swanson
Facilities Manager
Phone: (907) 266-2484
Fax: (907) 266-2494
24-Hour Help Line: 907-266-2432

Welcome to Airport Facilities. We look forward to providing the customer service necessary to ensure your travel through our airport is safe and pleasant.

The airport operates 24 hours a day connecting all communities of Alaska, and serves as an entry point for cities throughout the world. Like a small city with 8,000 people working or travelling within the boundaries at any time, the airport is the largest public facility and industrial complex in the State.

Airport Facilities employees in many trades and crafts operate and maintain all the terminals, buildings, vertical structures and utilities. In order to protect the public, these facilities are required to comply with some of the most stringent national and international building codes, fire protection, ventilation, security, Federal aviation, and other regulations unique to an airport occupancy.

The Airport Facilities Maintenance and Custodial employees are responsible for the maintenance and operation of 40+ buildings across a 5,000 acre complex. To do this successfully, they are highly trained and certified in several trades in order to work on multiple integrated systems. The men and women on the Airport Facilities team are dedicated individuals, who are extremely proud of their work and being part of making the airport a gem of our State and the Gateway to Alaska!

Contact Information
Airport Facilities
Larry Swanson, Facilities Manager
Phone: (907) 266-2484
Maintenance Services
Jonathan Chadwick, Assistant Manager
Phone: (907) 266-2192
Custodial Services
Besnik Nuhiji, Services Supervisor
Phone: (907) 266-2454
Utilities Services
Kerry Willis, Building Specialist
Phone: (907) 266-2649