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Airfield Maintenance

Zaramie Lindseth
Manager, Airfield Maintenance
Phone: (907) 266-2427
Fax: (907) 266-2677

Field Maintenance equipment and crew, Fall 2013 - Photo by Zaramie Lindseth Photo by Zaramie Lindseth

The mission of Airfield Maintenance is to provide safe aircraft movement surfaces, public roads, walkways, and other exterior airport infrastructure through efficient and cost effective maintenance management procedures. Airfield Maintenance is also responsible for cost efficient and effective Fleet Management of all vehicles and heavy equipment owned by the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. The department accomplishes this mission using accepted industry practices, as well as using innovative thinking to find alternative means to provide the best level of service.

Airfield Maintenance is comprised of a team of 110 talented professionals working in three distinct sections. These include Field Maintenance, Equipment Maintenance, and Airfield Electricians. Within each of these sections are several other specialized shops which include the Sign Shop, Machine and Welding Shop, Radio Maintenance, Parts and Supply and OSHA Safety.

airplane graphic Contact Information
Nick Ebell Administrative Assistant Phone Number (907) 266-2425
Rita Ingrim Administrative Assistant Phone Number (907) 266-2710
Josh Briggs Airfield Maintenance Assistant Manager Phone Number (907) 266-2726
Sam Baldessari OSHA Safety and Health Officer Phone Number (907) 266-2712
Mark Breton Parts and Supply Phone Number (907) 266-2781
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