Web Bookings

AMHS has placed some restrictions on web bookings. If one of the following restrictions is preventing you from booking a reservation online, please contact our reservations call center at 1-800-642-0066 Monday through Friday 7:30am until 4:00pm Alaska Time, for personal assistance. For more information regarding AMHS policies, please visit our Travel Policies page.

Vehicle Length and Restrictions

*Do not attempt to book a vehicle with a trailer as two separate vehicles. This applies to singular vehicles or vehicles towing trailers, campers or fifth-wheels. If you have a vehicle or truck and trailer longer than 30 feet, you must contact our reservations call center or a terminal facility to complete a booking. Vehicles that have not reserved the appropriate space requirement or are not accurately represented will be subject to additional charges, put on standby status or may be moved to a later sailing.

Dock restrictions apply in some of our smaller port communities and we limit online bookings to a maximum vehicle length of 30 feet. Vehicle make and model information provides the minimum required length for your vehicle. However, if you have added extensions to your vehicle such as a grill guard, bike rack or kayak mounted to the roof that overhangs the vehicle, or you are towing a vehicle or trailer, the overall extended length is applicable. The overall length is based on the measurement from the furthest extensions.

Rental Vehicles

Rental cars can be booked online by following these instructions. First, select CAR/TRUCK from the menu and select the current year. Next, choose the model as RENTAL and then you will have the choice of 3 different sub-models to reserve the appropriate deck space: Compact, Standard or Large. Please notify us right away if your vehicle is different once you accept it from the rental agency to adjust charges accordingly. If it's a Rental Motorhome or RV use MOTORHOME and then add the total length. Please note the maximum length you can book online is 30 feet.

Oversized Vehicles

All vehicles over 30 feet long or 8 feet wide are considered oversized and must be booked by an agent in a terminal or at the call center.

Unaccompanied Vehicles

All unaccompanied vehicles must be booked by an agent in a terminal or at the call center.

Commercial Vehicles

All commercial vehicles must be booked through our Commercial Services Desk. AMHS can accommodate commercial cargo vans or trailers up to 48 feet in length. Any type of cargo van or trailer over 48 feet cannot be accommodated on any AMHS vessel due to restricted turning radius.

Passenger Limit

Online bookings are limited to 9 passengers per booking, 10 or more passengers are considered a group and can be confirmed by phone or by email to dot.amhs.tour@alaska.gov.

Unaccompanied Minors (Under 18)

Restrictions apply for passenger under 18 that will travel unaccompanied. Please confirm by phone that all requirements have been met for unaccompanied minors.

Bikes, Kayaks & Inflatables

Bikes, kayaks or inflatables do not need to be booked as extra carry-on items if they are contained in or on a vehicle, but must be accounted for if they extend your overall vehicle length.

Cabin Limit

Up to 3 cabins can be booked per sailing segment.

ADA Cabins

AMHS vessels are equipped with a limited number of ADA accessible cabins. To ensure these remain available for passengers who require them, AMHS restricts these cabins from online sales. To check the availability of ADA accessible cabins, please call 1-800-642-0066.