Shoreside Support & Administration

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Shoreside Support and Administration consists of various departments. Each department provides all of the necessary land-based support that is needed to keep the system running. Aside from Reservations located at the Juneau Central Office (JCO) and the Terminals that are located in port communities, most of these departments operate out of Ketchikan in either the Ketchikan Central Office (KCO) or the Marine Engineering Facility (MEF).

Shoreside staff prepares for docking of the MV Tustumena; © Wayde Carroll Photography

Executive Management: Includes Executive Managment with ISM

Business Development: Computer Services, Finance, Administration, Information Technology, Marketing, Reservations & Sales, Terminals and Terminal Services.

Marine Engineering: Vessel Engineering and Marine Facilities

Marine Operations: Passenger Services, Vessel Operations, Licensed & Unlicensed Dispatching, Training and Vessel Scheduling, Security, Environmental Compliance and Safety.

Currently recruiting for:

  • Business Development and Financial Analyst Manager
  • Vessel Construction Manager 1/2

    Currently recruiting for:   Business Development and Financial Analyst Manager

    This position will be filled in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau or Ketchikan. Location and pay will be discussed at time of interview.

    The Alaska Marine Highway System is seeking a dynamic and experienced Business Development and Financial Analyst Manager to join their team. In this pivotal role, you will be responsible for driving the strategic growth and financial performance of the organization. You will lead efforts to identify new business opportunities, analyze market trends, and develop comprehensive financial models to support decision-making. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, you will play a crucial part in shaping the future of Alaska's vital transportation network. The ideal candidate will possess a strong background in financial analysis, business development, and maritime operations, with the ability to thrive in a challenging and dynamic environment. Join us in making a lasting impact on Alaska's marine transportation system.

    Company Overview
    The Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) provides vital transportation that serves the diverse communities and rugged landscapes of Alaska. AMHS provides essential ferry services connecting numerous coastal communities, facilitating the movement of passengers, vehicles, and freight throughout the region. We are dedicated to ensuring safe, reliable, and efficient maritime transportation services while preserving the unique Alaskan environment and culture.

    What you will be doing:
    As the Business Development and Financial Analyst Manager for the Alaska Marine Highway System, I will lead strategic analysis and enhancements to the organization's financial operations, all while nurturing business growth opportunities. This entails spearheading the evaluation of revenue streams, optimizing costs, and conducting financial forecasting to ensure the long-term sustainability of our marine transportation system. Moreover, I will be actively involved in identifying and cultivating strategic partnerships, exploring new routes, and assessing market trends to expand our system's reach and profitability. Travel is a crucial component of this role, as I will be required to visit various locations to assess market dynamics, establish partnerships, and stay abreast of industry developments. Through data-driven insights and collaboration with key stakeholders, my objective is to drive efficiency, financial stability, and innovation within the Alaska Marine Highway System, thereby contributing to its continued success and service to the Alaskan community and beyond.

    1. Conduct in-depth market research to identify trends, potential clients, and competitors. Analyze data to make informed decisions and develop market entry strategies and maximize revenue. In addition, analyzing financial and operational results to better understand company performance.
    2. Identify and pursue new business opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations. Build strong relationships with key stakeholders to expand our market reach and grow our customer base. Design various dashboards and prepare appropriate reports for same. Administer various strategies and ensure achievement of all business objectives and within timeframe and project deadline. Establish appropriate financial metrics for all business activities. Provides forecast and analysis of trends in ridership, sales, revenue, and general business conditions.
    3. Develop pricing strategy for the Alaska Marine Highway System's to the communities served. Perform financial evaluation to assess the effectiveness of pricing schedules. Conduct research to identify new revenue channels, customer needs and develop a growth strategy focused both on financial gain and customer satisfaction. Develop various financial models to support business strategies. Present sales, revenue, and realistic forecasts to the Marine Director.
    4. Explore potential markets for business expansion and conduct feasibility studies to assess their viability.
    5. Monitor competitor activities, strategies, and product offerings to stay ahead in the market.
    6. Develop and implement marketing plans to promote our marine products and services. Utilize digital marketing, content creation, and social media to increase brand awareness and engagement. Develop and maintain a strong brand image in the marine industry, ensuring consistency across all communication channels. Represent the company at industry events, trade shows, and conferences to network, generate leads, and showcase our capabilities.
    7. Work closely with the sales team to provide marketing support and collateral, enabling them to achieve their targets effectively.

    Our Mission
    To support the DOT&PF mission by providing access and mobility within the communities of Alaska, both urban and non-urban, through transit services that are safe, appealing, efficient, and easily available to both the general public and transit-dependent populations.

    Our Goals:

      • Assist in the maintenance, development, and improvement of public transportation systems, including providing a mechanism for systematic replacement of existing fleets.
      • Facilitate the most efficient use of all funds and most effective delivery of services through the coordination of programs and services.
      • Encourage greater local support of transit systems, fostering a federal-state-local partnership in maintaining a stable funding base for transit.
      • Ensure that transit investment decisions consider policy directions, customer input, available resources, system performance, and funding levels.
      • Develop and maintain positive relationships with ADOT&PF customers through communication and responsiveness.

    The working environment you can expect:
    Depending on the selected applicant, this position can be located anywhere in Alaska. If the selected applicant is living outside of Ketchikan, frequent travel will be required.

    Embark on an exciting journey with Alaska Marine Highway System and make a significant impact in the marine industry. We offer a dynamic work environment that fosters growth, rewards innovation, and celebrates success. As Marine Business and Marketing Development Manager, you will have the opportunity to shape the future of AMHS while advancing your career in a thriving sector.

    The benefits of joining our team:
    The State of Alaska has a generous benefits package and an excellent retirement plan. Please see here for more information:

    The DOT&PF core values are integrity, excellence, and respect. We support an environment focused on teamwork and collaboration to achieve results. We find success in achieving our transportation mission through building credibility with our customers, stakeholders, and the public. A successful candidate will have sound judgment and decision-making and a history of strong ethical and professional conduct.

    Who we are looking for:
    Any combination of education and/or experience that provides the applicant with the core competencies of:

      • Proven experience in the marine industry, with a solid understanding of its market dynamics.
      • Demonstrated track record in business development, financial analyst, and sales or marketing within the maritime sector.
      • Excellent communication and negotiation skills to build strong relationships with clients and partners.
      • Proficiency in market research, data analysis, and reporting.
      • Creative mindset with the ability to develop innovative marketing campaigns.
      • Willingness to travel as required for business meetings and industry events.
      • Strong team player with the ability to collaborate across different departments.
      • Significant analytical skillset, including the utilization of BI and reporting tools.
      • Experience with Microsoft programs, with advanced skills using excel.
      • Strong quantitative abilities.
      • High level of commercial and customer service experience.

    Preferred Qualifications
    Minimum of five years of relevant analytical experience.
    Bachelor's degree in finance or MBA preferred.

    Recommended Qualifications:
    Five years of experience in a combination of the functions administered by the branch, at least two of which were in a supervisory capacity.

    Additional requirements are on the application site.

    Currently recruiting for:   Vessel Construction Manager 1 / 2

    Ahoy there, maritime maestros! We're on the lookout for a fearless and skilled Vessel Construction Manager to join our crew in the picturesque Alaska, where the mountains meet the sea and the wild Alaskan spirit runs deep. As the conductor of our nautical symphony, you'll be orchestrating the construction of vessels that'll brave the untamed waters of the Last Frontier. If you're passionate about turning ship dreams into steel reality, navigating through blueprints like a captain through open seas, and you've got the leadership chops to keep a shipyard on course, then weigh anchor and set sail towards a career with the Alaska Marine Highway System. Adventure awaits - both in the job and the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness that surrounds it!

    Please read the minimum qualifications carefully, which have recently been updated. This position can be filled as a Vessel Construction Manager 1 or 2, depending on the experience of the selected applicant. The salary information is listed below:

    Pay is based on the location of the selected applicant; salaries will be discussed at the time of the interview.

    Vessel Construction Manager 1: $2994.75 - $4,791.75 Biweekly

    Vessel Construction Manager 2: $3199.50 - $5,119.50 Biweekly

    What you will be doing:
    In this capacity, you will assume the position of design and construction manager, overseeing the construction, enhancements, and upgrades of small, medium, and large vessels. As the Manager of Vessel Construction, your responsibilities encompass working closely with various stakeholders to develop bid documents, supervise service and construction agreements, and serve as the on-site Resident Engineer for AMHS during construction endeavors, whether within in-state or out-of-state shipyards. Your role extends to providing assistance to AMHS Project Managers, managing contracts, fostering collaboration with contractors, suppliers, and other involved parties for contract negotiations, proposal reviews, and ensuring the selection of dependable partners for construction initiatives. Furthermore, you will play a pivotal role in upholding safety regulations and protocols, establishing a secure working environment for construction teams by adhering to maritime safety standards and best practices.

    In the capacity of Vessel Construction Manager 1:
    This role functions as the project manager for small vessel repair, refurbishment, and upgrades. It may also serve as an assistant on medium to large vessel projects. The primary responsibility is coordinating with stakeholders to prepare bid documents and oversee the execution of construction contracts at the shipyard.

    In the capacity of Vessel Construction Manager 2:
    This role serves as the project manager for medium to large vessel repair, refurbishment, upgrades, or new builds. The primary focus is on coordinating with stakeholders to prepare bid documents and managing the construction contract at the shipyard.

    Our organization, mission, and culture:
    The State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities' mission is to Keep Alaska Moving. We are working toward a modern, adaptable, flexible transportation system that will be resilient as we tackle our challenges. We believe collaboration, communication, and coordination increase our ability to succeed. Creating teams that are focused on results, working together, and leveraging resources across our department, with community and private sector partnerships, increases our ability to accomplish our mission and serve Alaskans.

    The working environment you can expect:
    This position can be located anywhere in Alaska, so frequent travel will be required if it is outside of Ketchikan. Working at the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) offers a uniquely challenging and rewarding environment. With Alaska's diverse and expansive terrain, coupled with its extreme weather conditions, employees of the DOT&PF can work in various locations, including remote locations and urban centers, addressing a wide range of transportation needs. Their roles demand adaptability and resourcefulness as they maintain and improve roads, bridges, airports, ports, and public facilities in a state known for rugged terrain and extreme seasonal changes. This work not only presents professionals with a range of fascinating challenges but also allows them to contribute to developing and maintaining critical infrastructure against the backdrop of Alaska's breathtaking natural beauty, reflecting a strong commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.

    The benefits of joining our team:
    Joining the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF) offers an array of benefits, with career growth opportunities at the forefront. As an integral part of Alaska's infrastructure development and maintenance, DOT&PF provides employees with a dynamic and diverse work environment where they can continually enhance their skills and climb the career ladder. The department values professional development, offering training programs and mentorship opportunities to help individuals expand their expertise and advance in their chosen fields. With the vast and unique challenges of Alaska's geography and climate, employees can work on groundbreaking projects that contribute to the state's growth, making the DOT&PF an ideal choice for those seeking a fulfilling and evolving career in transportation and public facilities.

    The State of Alaska has a generous benefits package and an excellent retirement plan. Please see here for more information:

    The DOT&PF core values are integrity, excellence, and respect. We support an environment focused on teamwork and collaboration to achieve results. We succeed in achieving our transportation mission through building credibility with our customers, stakeholders, and the public. A successful candidate will have sound judgment, decision-making, and a strong ethical and professional conduct history.

    Who we are looking for:
    Any combination of education and/or experience that provides the applicant with the core competencies of:

      • Oral and Written Communication: Expresses information (for example, ideas or facts) to individuals or groups effectively, taking into account the audience and nature of the information (for example, technical, sensitive, controversial); makes clear and convincing oral and written presentations; listens to others, attends to nonverbal cues, and responds appropriately.
      • Stakeholder Management: Knowledge of the concepts, practices, and techniques used to identify, engage, influence, and monitor relationships with individuals and groups connected to a work effort; including those actively involved, those who exert influence over the process and its results, and those who have a vested interest in the outcome (positive or negative).
      • Contracting/Procurement: Knowledge of various types of contracts, techniques, or requirements (for example, Federal Acquisitions Regulations) for contracting or procurement, and contract negotiation and administration.

    Special note: There are no certifications, registrations required for this position. The incumbent must be able to freely move around on board a vessel through the crew spaces, tanks, voids etc... that are not normally ADA accessible.

    To view the general description and example of duties for the position please go to the following link:

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