Passenger Services

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Terminal staff prepares for boarding of the MV Malaspina ©Lands End Business Outfitters

The Passenger Services department is the cornerstone of outstanding onboard customer service. This department is responsible for services that include; maintaining all vessel amenities, on-board storage and distribution of provisions and supplies, administering embarkation & disembarkation of passengers and vehicles, handling financial transactions and reporting, food and beverage service, medical assistance, stateroom sales and service, filing and reporting of regulatory paperwork, and providing information services for both crew and passengers.

This department encompasses both Steward & Purser positions.

•  Chief Purser, Senior Purser and Junior Purser
•  Chief Steward, Second Steward, Storekeeper, Chief Cook, Second Cook
•  Head Waiter, Head BR, Assistant Second Cook, Cashier, Mess Steward
•  Night Utility, Dishwasher, Steward, Officer's BR, Waiter

As of September 27, 2021, AMHS is offering a hiring bonus for qualified candidates to assist with the cost of credentials.

Currently recruiting for:   Stewards

Stewards are entry level positions with the passenger services department. AMHS marine operations are governed by State, Federal and International maritime regulations, which means that new employees must obtain required certifications before they are eligible to work on an AMHS vessel. While some certifications are vessel or position specific, others are essential to all employees. Employees can continue to build their certifications and credentials over time to advance their maritime career.

Please review the Documentation Process for New Hires for information on basic certifications that are required before a new employee can be dispatched for work.

For more information or questions regarding Passenger Services opportunities or certifications, please contact:

Passenger Services Recruitment

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