Documentation Process for New Hires

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This page will guide you through the Certification requirements for all new hires in the Passenger Services department.

For entry level positions, the five (5) documents listed below will be among the first items you will need to obtain after being offered a position with AMHS. The three (3) US Coast Guard (USCG), and the two (2) State of Alaska certifications must be obtained before a new employee can begin New Hire Orientation and be dispatched for work. Please keep in mind that the documentation phase may take up to three to four months depending on the issuing agency.

Please review the FAQ for Steward position for more information on this exciting career opportunity.

Your hiring manager and human resource staff will be here to assist you along the way, making these first few steps before beginning work as easy as can be.

For Deck & Engineering positions, the three (3) USCG certifications that include more advanced level Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) ratings and/or licenses may be required as part of your application process. Just follow instructions in the specific job description and you will be all set.

AMHS may offer tuition and other assistance, including on the job training, to entry and advanced level mariners to achieve the experience, ratings and licenses needed to advance in their shipboard career.

Please note that although these courses may be job or career related, they are often at the Mariner's own expense.

Grants from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Adult program and the State Training and Employment Program (STEP) (Alaskan residents only) may be available through the Alaska Jobs Center to help offset some of these costs.

Coast Guard Certifications

Step 1 - Transportation Worker's Identification Credential (TWIC) (+)

Step 2 - Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) (+)

Step 3 - USCG Medical Certificate Application (+)

Alaska Certifications

Step 4 - Alaska Food Worker Card (+)

Step 5 - Training for Alcohol Professionals (TAP) (+)

Departmental Requirements

Upon obtaining the required certification, AMHS mariners are eligible to work on most AMHS vessels. All new hires are expected to complete shipboard familiarization and safety related training. New hire training is first completed shipboard and independently online, then in classroom sessions (tuition and wages provided).

Below you will see the USCG approved classes you can expect for each department. As mariners progress in their career, gaining sea service, on-the-job training (OJT), classroom and on-line courses, they can specialize in the deck, engine and/or passenger services departments. Additional certifications may also be required depending on the department and position, and will be outlined in the original job posting. AMHS may authorize tuition to crewmembers for USCG approved courses and offers AMHS specific maritime & safety related courses.

Pursers | Staff Officers (AB) (+)

Engine Crew | QMED Oiler & Jr. Engineer (+)

Passenger Services | Chief Cooks | Chief Stewards | Storekeepers | Servers (+)

Deck Crew|Able Seaman (AB) (+)

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