Commercial fishing vessels tied up at the dock © Peter Metcalfe Aleut dancers performing © Johanna Tellman Caught crabs with the captain © Cathy Jordan Western Sandpiper perched on the rocky shoreline © ADF&G / Karla Hart Russian Orthodox Church on the waterfront © Alaska DOT&PF / Alaska Marine Highway System Wild Iris in bloom at the foot of hills blanketed in green © Unalaska Port of Dutch Harbor

Upon arrival, you will marvel at the uncommon natural beauty of the area - from windswept volcanic peaks surrounded by the sea to green valleys dotted with the vibrant colors of wildflowers. The indigenous Unangan/Aleut people have continuously inhabited these diverse and rich islands for roughly 9,000 years. Unalaska has unparalleled fishing and birding opportunities of more than 100 bird species, some which are rare and unique to the Aleutian Chain. Visit for more information.

A service area map for the community of Dutch Harbor/Unalaska

Considered the gateway to the Aleutian Islands, Unalaska lies approximately 900 miles southwest of Anchorage and 45 nautical miles from Akutan. The Island of Unalaska is home to the International Port of Dutch Harbor - the number one commercial fishing port in the nation where you can go birding, beach combing, berry picking, fishing or kayaking. A visit to Dutch Harbor also provides a chance to spot a famous Bering Sea fishing boat and to see how commercial fishing is a part of every-day life.