The port community of Angoon Alaska © Department of Commerce Division of Community and Regional Affairs


Angoon is the only permanent settlement on Admiralty Island and is located on the southwest coast of Kootznahoo Inlet, 78 nautical miles southwest of Juneau and 67 nautical miles northeast of Sitka. Angoon, known for its large brown bear population is a Tlingit village with a commercial fishing and subsistence lifestyle. Although few visitor services are available, Angoon serves as the departure point for many kayak and canoe trips into the heart of Admiralty Island National Monument, including the 32-mile Cross Admiralty Canoe Route.

The port community of Hoonah Alaska © Sherry Mills


Hoonah is a Tlingit community located on the northeast shore of Chichagof Island, 48 nautical miles from Juneau. A visit to Hoonah offers access to the logging road system on Chichagof Island with excellent fishing opportunities for silver and king salmon, cutthroat, rainbow and Dolly Varden trout. Keep your binoculars handy for the chance to see a variety of marine mammals, including Humpback whales, minke whales, Orcas, Stellar sea lions, sea otters, Dall porpoises, and harbor porpoises.

The port community of Kake Alaska © Cris Morrison


Kake is located on the northwest coast of Kupreanof Island along Keku Strait, 114 nautical miles southwest of Juneau. A Tlingit village with a brisk fishing and logging trade where traditional customs are still an important part of the lifestyle. It is also home to the world's largest totem pole that rises to 132.5 feet tall and stands on a bluff overlooking town. The surrounding waters are rich with halibut and salmon making it a world-class fishing destination.

The port community of Pelican Alaska © Linda Carson


Located on the northwest coast of Chichagof Island on Lisianski Inlet and lies 91 nautical miles west of Juneau. Pelican grew with the fishing industry, and now consists of a main boardwalk and a cluster of buildings that cling to the side of the island. Commercial fishing is the mainstay of Pelican's economy. In addition to great fishing and beautiful scenery, Pelican's main attraction is Rosie's bar, where fishermen carve their initials into the ceiling. Visit for more information on available activities and accommodations.

The port community of Tenakee Alaska © Cyndi Roman


Tenakee sits on the north shore of Tenakee Inlet on Chichagof Island and lies 63 nautical miles southwest of Juneau. Although few visitor services are available, several large historic structures to explore including Snyder Mercantile, the Shamrock Building, and St. Francis Chapel. Tenakee also hosts year-round therapeutic natural hot spring for public bathing. There are no roads here, with local transportation primarily by bicycle or ATV. Information can be found at