Fishing is a very common career from generation to generation © Alaska Marine Highway System Historical points of interest can be found throughout the community © Alaska Marine Highway System © Alaska Marine Highway System © Alaska Marine Highway System Recreate like the locals do with a visit to one of the area beaches © Alaska Marine Highway System A visit to Metlakatla would not be complete without first seeing the communities traditional long house © Alaska Marine Highway System

Metlakatla, meaning "salt water passage" is a traditional Tsimshian Indian community on the federal Annette Island Reserve. The 86,000 acre island reservation and surrounding waters are locally-controlled and not subject to state jurisdiction. Although the majority of its population is Tsimshian, Metlakatla is also home to many individuals with diverse tribal affiliations such as Tlingit, Haida, Aleut, Yupik, and other Alaska Native peoples. Visit for more information on available activities and accommodations.

A service area map for the community of Metlakatla

Located 8 nautical miles from Ketchikan or a forty five minute ferry ride, Metlakatla is the only community served by the Marine Highway with a dedicated vessel which provides daily service. They have an active economy, subsistence lifestyle and are the only Indian reservation in Alaska. The community prospers due to an abundance of natural resources and the ability to harvest salmon, halibut, cod, seaweed, clams and waterfowl.