The port community of Akutan Alaska © Laura Tanis / Alaska Marine Highway System


Akutan is located on the eastern Aleutian Krenitzin Islands, part of the Fox Island group. It is 45 nautical miles east of Unalaska and known as "The Friendliest Fishing Community in the Aleutians." Akutan is located in the center of some of the most productive fishing grounds in the world and is the site of a traditional Unangan village. Boats and aircraft are the only means of traveling to and from Akutan and without roads, the village has boardwalks to make everything in town accessible by foot.

The port community of Chignik Alaska © Alaska Marine Highway System


The City of Chignik is located 249 nautical miles from Kodiak. Chignik, meaning "big wind," was established in the late 1800s as a fishing village and cannery, it continues providing a fishing lifestyle for its residents. The terrain is rugged, but beautiful, and boasts spectacular views ranging from steep rock cliffs to high jagged outcrops, waterfalls and green hills. Visitor services are not available in this community but a brief visit afforded by the ferry stop is long enough for a walk through town.

The port community of Cold Bay Alaska © Alaska Marine Highway System

Cold Bay

Cold Bay serves as an important regional transportation hub and is located 58 nautical miles from False Pass. The community was originally built to serve as an Air Force station during World War II and is near two active volcanoes that provide a spectacular backdrop. The Izembek National Wildlife Refuge is home to bountiful wildlife during migration and spawning seasons. Limited visitor services are available in this community, but does include lodging and tour operators that will take you into the refuge.

The port community of False Pass Alaska © Laura Tanis / Alaska Marine Highway System

False Pass

False Pass is located between the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska and between the greatest commercial fisheries in the world. False Pass is home to 27 of the 46 most active volcanoes in the U.S. and has unique beachcombing opportunities. The name False Pass originates from the fact that the Bering Sea side of the strait is extremely shallow and cannot accommodate large vessels. Visitor services are not available, but a brief ferry stop is long enough for a walk through town.

The port community of King Cove Alaska © City of King Cove

King Cove

King Cove, a mostly Aleut fishing community at the west end of the Alaska Peninsula, is located 25 nautical miles from Cold Bay and 98 nautical miles from Sand Point. King Cove is known to have the "Largest Capacity Salmon Cannery in Alaska" processing King Crab, pollock, cod, salmon and halibut. Bears are abundant, and throughout the year whales can be seen migrating through Belkofski Bay. No visitor services available, but King Cove welcomes visitors drawn by wildlife viewing opportunities.

The port community of Sand Point Alaska © Laura Tanis / Alaska Marine Highway System

Sand Point

Sand Point is the largest community in the area, the population is mostly of Aleut and Scandinavian descent and the community is a favorite with hikers and outdoor adventurers, in large part because of its beautiful views and lack of bears. Points of interest include historic St. Nicholas Chapel or a rare petrified forest on nearby Unga Island. Although visitor services are not abundant, charter boats are sometimes available for halibut fishing and marine wildlife cruises.