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Angoon Airport Project SFAPT-00086

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Project Schedule

DOT&PF plans to complete the design and have the project ready for construction bidding in 2019.  Construction would begin no sooner than 2020 and could take up to three years.

A consideration that could affect the project schedule is right-of-way (ROW) acquisition to purchase the land and easements needed for the airport. Currently, DOT&PF is planning for a 1-year ROW process. Depending on how fast or slow that goes, construction could happen sooner or later.

Progress to Date:

January / February 2018: Planned public meeting to discuss layout of airport on the site.  Click here to sign up for our e-newsletter and receive notice of the public meeting.

2017: Currently, the engineering team is studying the site and refining the design for the airport at the 12a alternative location selected by FAA.  This includes:

  • Geotechnical studies continue to determine ground softness/hardness, and find where the ground or rock is best suited to support construction.
  • Hydrologic studies to see how much amount water is at the site and plan for dealing with it.
  • Surveys to map out the terrain, and find the best layout for the airport runway and apron.
  • Evaluate proximity of nearby mountains and determine how they may impact aircraft approaches.
  • Determine impacts to right-of-way and wetlands and what acquisition and permits are needed.

October 2017: Public meeting held in Angoon.

Summer 2017: Geotechnical studies were started to determine ground softness/hardness, and find where the ground or rock may support construction.

Project Timeline

This page last updated: 1/31/18