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Angoon Airport Project SFAPT-00086

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the BIA road to the airport be paved/improved?
A: The existing BIA road will not be upgraded as part of the airport project because FAA will only fund improvements that are for aeronautical use.  Since the existing BIA road has multiple uses, FAA funds can’t be used to make improvements.

Q: How can we ensure local hire so that people from Angoon can be put to work on the project?
A: There are some restrictions that come with FAA funding that make it difficult to mandate local hire in construction contracts. The community can prepare and be ready to offer contractors resumes for qualified labor. Contractors have an incentive to hire locally because they don’t need to pay for travel, lodging, and per diem.

Q: How much material is needed?  Where will that come from?
A: The preference is to use local material for the majority of rock needed, if possible. High ground areas are being examined to see if the rock is suitable for use. Material at the airport site will also be evaluated for suitability. The hard rock that is needed for pavement material will likely need to be barged in. It will be up to the contractor to decide the source for any barged in material

Q: Will the water source be contaminated either from planes flying over, or from construction?
A: The construction site is located one-half mile away from the water source.  The contractor will be required to address storm water management and runoff during construction to prevent water contamination through a storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP). Planes flying over should not cause contamination of the water source.

Q: What will happen to the trees?  Can we have the wood?
A: Many trees will need to be cleared to build the airport.  The trees belong to the people who own the land or who have ownership rights to the timber.  How and when the trees will be cleared is still under discussion.  Trees may be purchased during ROW acquisition along with the land and cleared at the time of construction. Or, there may be an advantage to doing a separate timber-clearing contract prior to construction.  On previous state projects where the State of Alaska owned the trees, we have been able to work with the construction contractor to stockpile timber so people can come and take the wood. 

Q: What will happen to the seaplane base when the new land-based airport is complete?
A: The seaplane base will still be open and operational when the new airport is complete.

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This page last updated: 4/1/19