Driving out the road nears Haines Alaska © Joshua Roper Photography

Summer Road Construction

Alaska DOT&PF will have several road construction projects continuing throughout the coming summer, both on major highways and in several AMHS communities. Projects on highways around AMHS ports may cause delays to ferry travelers. The www.511.alaska.gov website provides project details and expected delays from flagging operations and/or road closures. Communities directly impacted are; Whittier, with construction on the Seward Hwy between mileposts 75 and 90, further details can be found at www.sewardhighway75to90.com, and Haines, with construction on the Haines Hwy from milepost 3.9 thru 12.2, with details available at https://haineshwy.com.

Notification of Schedule Changes

AMHS recognizes the importance of fulfilling its published sailing schedules. At times, however, unpredictable events such as weather or mechanical issues may cause AMHS to delay or cancel sailings. In the event of a schedule change or cancellation, AMHS makes every effort to notify affected customers as soon as possible. To help ensure timely notification, AMHS contacts its customers through multiple means. For this reason, we urge all customers making reservations to provide an email address, SMS text number, telephone number, and/or other means by which they can receive time-sensitive information and updates concerning their booked sailing. All customers who provide such contact information will receive an SMS message or email notification followed by a phone call to assist with needed changes to their travel plans. In addition, customers will find details of AMHS schedule changes displayed on our website Service Notices page and reflected in our Scheduling tools. In the event of a cancellation AMHS makes every effort to ensure that customers are accommodated to the best of our ability. Replacement service will be offered if it is operationally feasible and does not further displace Marine Highway ferry travelers. If you have further questions please call our toll free reservations line at 1-800-642-0066, Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm or contact your local terminal.