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Community and Public Transportation Advisory Board
Updated 8/31/17

The Community and Public Transportation Advisory Board (C&PTAB) enabling legislation sunset at the end of 2016. A final recommendations report was prepared and can be downloaded here.


The C&PTAB was established within the Department of Transportation & Public Facilities by the Alaska Legislature in 2012. It consists of 13 members who serve at the pleasure of the Governor. The Board is charged with preparing a strategic plan that includes the mission, objectives, initiatives, and performance goals for coordinated and community transportation in the state and performing other tasks related to improving agency coordination and combining of services to achieve cost savings in the funding and delivery of community and public transportation services.

The C&PTAB will build upon the considerable work accomplished by the Governor’s Coordinated Transportation Task Force from 2009 to 2012. The following CTTF reports can be downloaded:

Annual Reports:

Strategic Plan: