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Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) for Alaska

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Fellow Alaskans —

Today, November 15, 2021, the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act, or IIJA, was signed into law. The IIJA is a funding package that will address the nation’s aging infrastructure, modernizing our highways and bridges, and revitalizing our ferries and ports. For Alaska, this is an opportunity to reshape our infrastructure to support our community’s economies, cultures, and industries. It is our moment to build resilient infrastructure for Alaska.

Overall, the infrastructure bill will increase our highway transportation funding formulas by approximately 40%, and doubles the nationwide aviation funding program. In addition there are many more specific programs that fund bridges, ferries, electrification of our highways, and numerous discretionary grant items.

The funding that our state will receive will shape Alaska’s infrastructure for years to come—much like the infrastructure development we saw in WWII or during the pipeline, it’s a historic opportunity to increase safety, and build a more efficient and equitable transportation network. And every community and every mode of travel in Alaska would benefit from an influx of funding.

As Alaskans, your voice can shape the decisions we make – we are listening to what your transportation needs are—how you interact with the transportation network, from commuting to work, when recreating, attending school, or accessing Alaska’s resources, we want to know how you use the trails, roads, airports, and ferries. Please take our short survey on our IIJA webpage to share your thoughts. We will continue asking for feedback from Alaskans, our elected leaders, civic organizations, and business and industry—to start the important conversations about what can we do with this funding to ensure the long-term success of Alaska’s people.

This is a new federal program, and we’re still learning about what this new funding means for Alaska. We would encourage you to use the department’s website as a resource, as we’ll post additional information and resources as it becomes available. You may also sign up for updates on the website.

Thank you for your interest in improving our transportation infrastructure in Alaska.

Ryan Anderson, P.E.

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IIJA Survey: What do you think?

12/1/2021: The survey is now closed, but stay tuned — results will be available soon. There will be another opportunity to share your thoughts in an upcoming survey.

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click for larger photo: Setting girders on the 76th/Lore Overpass project, 2017.
Setting girders on the 76th/Lore Overpass project, 2017.
click for larger photo: M/V Leconte seen from the shoreline.

M/V Leconte seen from the shoreline.