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Alaska DOT&PF Projects/Gasline Corridor

Click to download Alaksa DOT&PF Gasline Project Map PDF

The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC), an independent, public corporation of the State of Alaska is working to develop the infrastructure necessary to commercialize gas from Alaska’s North Slope into local and international markets.

DOT&PF is coordinating with AGDC to ensure that DOT&PF projects within the gasline corridor do not conflict with the construction of the gas treatment plant on the North Slope, the 807-mile pipeline and the liquefied natural gas facility in Nikiski, Alaska. Collaboration between DOT&PF and AGDC facilitates the permitting and construction of the infrastructure in order to move the Alaska LNG forward.

AGDC is leading the design reroute of the Kenai Spur Highway in Nikiski while coordinating with DOT&PF on the project. The reroute of the Kenai Spur Highway is necessary because the current highway runs through the proposed LNG facility site. This reroute is therefore critical to the construction of the project.



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