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No.: 16-1003
Contact: Meadow Bailey, (907) 451-2240,

ADOT&PF Monitoring Overflow on the Dalton Highway

(FAIRBANKS, Alaska) – The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) is monitoring the Dalton Highway from Mile 395-405 due to an emergence of overflow near the road. This is the same location where ice developed last spring and caused unprecedented flooding on the Dalton Highway.

At this time, the overflow is minimal and does not threaten the road or traffic. ADOT&PF, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company and the University of Alaska Fairbanks, with climate data provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, are monitoring and in the process of evaluating the extent of the overflow. Remote markers and sensors have been installed along the road corridor, and satellite imagery is being used to help identify where the overflow is traveling.

ADOT&PF crews are building snow berms and installing burlap fences. The burlap wicks water up then freezes in place, to form overflow ice barriers adjacent to the road.

If the water level continues to rise and additional mitigation is necessary, substantial gravel and equipment are available nearby. Last summer, the grade of the road from Mile 397-405 was raised 8-10 feet and is significantly higher than it was last spring.

Recent temperatures in the area have been 20 to 30 below zero; this is helping to reduce the amount of overflow visible from the road.

Updates will be sent if conditions change significantly.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities oversees 237 airports, 10 ferries serving 35 communities, more than 5,600 miles of highway and 776 public facilities throughout the state of Alaska. The mission of the department is to “Keep Alaska Moving through service and infrastructure.”

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