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ADOT&PF sets tentative date for reopening Dalton Highway
Department plans to open the road June 5, contingent on weather and progress of repairs. 

photo: Repair work progresses on the Dalton Highway
Repair work progresses on the Dalton Highway, Mile 413, in this aerial photo from Thursday, May 28. ADOT&PF photo.

(FAIRBANKS, Alaska) –With repairs progressing on the Dalton Highway, the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) has set a tentative reopening date of Friday, June 5. This date is dependent on weather and repair progression, among other factors.

ADOT&PF warns travelers that the road surface will be rough and narrow through the flood zone. The department aims to have a road width of at least 20 feet through the project zone, but there will likely be sections of road that will be one lane with delineators or yield signs. This is to allow traffic to the North Slope to resume as soon as possible.

Repairs are progressing on both the north and south ends of the flood zone. On the south end, crews have progressed to just north of Mile 397 and will be going back to install culverts today. On the north end, contractor staff are repairing a culvert pipe that failed early this morning near Mile 412.5 and will bridge a breach just north of Mile 412 .

Challenges still remain for the repairs. The material being hauled is saturated with water, so it is taking days of grooming to make patches drivable.

The highway is closed from Mile 335 to Mile 413.

Updates on the Dalton Highway are being posted in these locations:

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